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Slime-san Blackbirds Kraken-DOGE + MAC
Publisher:Headup Games
Release Name:Slime-san.Blackbirds.Kraken-DOGE / Slime-san.Blackbirds.Kraken.MacOSX-DOGE
Size:602 MB / 395 MB

Description: The notorious Blackbird's kracked, I mean, cracked! He believes Slime-san stole his treasure and unleashed his giant Kraken upon him! Sound familiar? It is now up to Slime-san to escape the giant squid's jaws back out to freedom!
Blood Feed-DOGE
Developer:Racing Bros
Release Name:Blood.Feed-DOGE
Size:1.66 GB

Description: Insectville was a warm and charming mid-west community, one of those that leave doors open at night and everybody know everybody little society. You used to describe it as "so sweet that made you vomit, drink bleach and literally gave you cancer".
Strike Vector EX (2017)
Strike Vector EX (2017)
PC | Developer/Publisher: Ragequit Corporation | 4.43 Gb
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
Genre: Action, Indie

Strike Vector EX is a competitive first-person aerial-combat game that satisfies every gamer's dream of waging dizzying dogfights with super-powered aircraft.
Tank Warfare: Longstop Hill (2017)
Tank Warfare: Longstop Hill (2017)
PC | English, Russian | Developer: Graviteam | Publisher: Strategy First Inc. | 5.8 Gb
Genre: Simulation, Strategy

The British spring offensive in Tunisia was brought to a halt on the approaches to Djebel el Ahmera (Longstop Hill) by the German 5th Panzer Army. German forces took defensive positions on key heights along the roadway leading to Tunisia's capital. Despite the fierce resistance of the enemy, British 78th "Battleaxe" Division units supported by the Churchill tanks of the North Irish Horse regiment are advancing along the roadway.
Aporia: Beyond The Valley (2017)
Aporia: Beyond The Valley (2017)
PC | Developer: Investigate North | Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing | 10.1 Gb
Languages: English, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Aporia: Beyond The Valley brings a unique approach to the art of storytelling, by not using dialogue or text. It offers new, interesting puzzle mechanics, and elaborate environmental storytelling within an immersive world.
Euro Fishing Foundry Dock-CODEX
Developer:Dovetail Games
Publisher:Dovetail Games - Fishing
Release Name:Euro.Fishing.Foundry.Dock-CODEX
Size: 3.59 GB

Description: Foundry Dock swaps the calm stillness of lakeside fishing for a busy city environment that isn't your average fishing venue!
This 11-acre lake doesn't skimp on the wildlife though, with over 400 Carp reaching up to 46lbs, Roach, Tench, and Bream, plus a number of elusive Catfish - there are plenty of new fish to target, hunt and catch.
Strike Vector EX-CODEX
Developer:Ragequit Corporation
Publisher:Ragequit Corporation
Release Name:Strike.Vector.EX-CODEX
Size: 4.43 GB

6 Degree of freedom meet high octane action and the result, Strike vector: EX, will pump your adrenaline to the highest levels. Pilots get on your vectors and get ready for the ultimate competitive experience that will put your twitch skill to the test, as swapping from the high-speed vector mode to the precise flight hover mode, will be the difference between life and death in these aerial dogfights done on almost impossible locations!
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