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Ableton Live Suite 9.7.4 MacOSX
Ableton Live Suite 9.7.4 MacOSX | 1.79 GB

Ableton Live Suite is an updated software for musicians and DJs, allowing you to create music, perform live, do editing, have a new library with beautiful sounds and lots of other useful resources. Ableton Suite contains various instruments, including synthesizers, a sampler, electric and acoustic drums, as well as numerous sampling tools.
Native Instruments Maschine 2 v2.6.8 Update UNLOCKED macOS
OS X 10.11 or later | STANDALONE/AU/VST 32/64 | Language: English | Size: 942 MB

MASCHINE 2.6.8 introduces a new monophonic bass synth plug-in. Design and shape rich bass tones with intuitive, fun, and fully-automatable controls directly from the hardware. Morph seamlessly from sine to saw to square - and all spots in between - to create your own unique sound. Or load any of the presets to get bass tones for any genre, including booming sub-bass or dripping acid. Unleash the full power of the bass synth with MASCHINE JAM to program classic acid glides directly from the hardware.
Signaltonoize H3000 Reverberation Impulse Response Pack
File size: 69 MB

The expanded H3000 D/SX & H3000 SE Captured with 24bit Lynx converters the units maximum SR of 44,100.
Not many FX processors are as well-known or compete with the H3000x & rightfully so. This widely used (some might say overused) device is a studio must have. Equally known for its crazy modulation FX it's Reverbs are in a world of their own..
Splice Sounds Salva Clips Samples WAV
File size: 176 MB

Salva's sample pack debut on Splice accompanies his "open-source" beat tape Clips. Clips is inspired musically from audio and movie clips, which you can hear in the 40-some odd minutes of various musical stylings like UK Grime, endless of southern trap, and bits of Cali, New York, Miami and Chicago all with an underlying 808 backbone.
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