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Sample Logic Bohemian KONTAKT
File size: 8.40 GB

Bohemian is a diverse collection of 800+ exotic, traditional, and morphed instruments & multis. This fresh and innovative library, performed by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and teacher Laura Inserra, is derived entirely from recordings of an extensive collection of unique bohemian street and world instruments ranging from Hang Drums and Harmonic Tubes, to Didgeridoo, and beyond.
File size: 2.17 GB

HAVOC is the ultimate cinematic percussive suite of over 850 instruments and multis that will transform the tools of your trade. The HAVOC sample collection has been derived from hundreds of industrial machines, farm tools, everyday auto body parts and gears, all recorded in a massive multi-car garage.
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Sitardelic v1.1.61 KONTAKT UPDATE
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Sitardelic v1.1.61 KONTAKT UPDATE | 116 Mb

The electric sitar was introduced in the late 60's, imitating the sound of a traditional sitar by using a special bridge and resonance strings. Undoubtedly a specialty instrument, the electric sitar is typically used in classic rock and modern jazz/fusion styles of music.
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